Manage all aspects of your marine business in a single, intuitive platform

Akvamanager is an all-in-one Professional Services Automation software for service vessels in the aquaculture industry

Full control

Manage fleet operations in one place, from invoicing and CRM to purchasing and stock management


Work with clear processes and automation that minimize risks and errors in your daily tasks

Reduces cost

Plan, monitor and report in a single system to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs

Management, maintenance, safety and compliance in a single all-encompassing platform

Invoicing and reporting in minutes

Generate invoices in one click. Easily monitor performance and create reports for your customers. Have a complete history of all work done.

Easy operational management

Manage your crew’s shift planning and day-to-day tasks hassle free. Have your purchasing and maintenance processes simplified. Boost your project management and customer relationship.

Effortless compliance

Comply with government and industry regulations, having all tools for safety management in one system. Make sure your business is up to date with crew and vessel specific requirements.

Trusted by leading reeders and schools